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Lily Ary


Hi! I am Lily a girl born in the early 70’s, Sagittarian, and immense love for life.

The girls of my generation have been able to develop personally and professionally. We are entrepreneurial, with clear goals, and willing to achieve what we dream, keeping the values of the good life, well-being, and well loved. We are true to our roots, family and friends.

Inspired Indulgence is “my happy project” and promotes the idea that you can be happier when you learn to live in the present maintaining a positive attitude. It is a space for women seeking inspiration through everyday situations. Share tips to learn how to be positive, enjoy the present, and hope.

My passions: Learn, travel around the world, art, film and photography

Who is Liliana Ary?

Lily was born in Mexico City, and from the start developing an interest in communication and entertainment. She studied Communication Sciences majoring in Radio and Television, and an MBA in Marketing.

In the last 10 years he has held executive positions in media companies in the United States such as CBS Radio Houston, Austin Univision Radio, Newspaper Rumbo in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, El Valle, and BMP Radio Austin.

Liliana is passionate about culture, art, education and health. He has collaborated with numerous nonprofit organizations to promote programs that support Latin American immigrants living in the United States.

He recently completed a major in Art and Culture in Florence, Italy. Currently, the organization works with Houston Art Alliance in the city of Houston.


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